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Andwa Consulting Event Calendar and Member Management System

Our fully-featured online event calendar and member management system can significantly assist your organization by making it easier for people to register for events, and making it much simpler for your volunteers/staff to manage membership, events and perform their other duties.

The Andwa Event Calendar and Member Management System is currently being used by approximately 14 organizations and is well-supported by the original developer and an experienced support partner. Organizations using the system can maintain and modify it as they see fit.

See our Feature Guide, and more importantly, the testimonials from members and volunteers who use this system. For more information about our calendar product, or to purchase the system, please contact Rhonda at .

If you're looking for something easier to set up and maintain on your own, and are not as concerned about having full control over your site functionality, we enthusiastically endorse the cloud-based WildApricot system. Sign up with our Referral Partner Link. We are skilled at setting up WildApricot solutions and can help set up yours if that's the direction you decide to go.

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