You can’t have a clear picture of how well your organization is doing if you don’t have a good understanding of your data. Which of your products is the most popular? Which are the most profitable? Which ones do you lose money on?

Business intelligence leverages leading-edge tools and methodologies to answer these questions for you, and can also help predict future trends of your data, which is invaluable for making the smart decisions that will keep your business moving onward and upward.

We have all the popular tools in our sandbox, including Power BI, Tableau, Python, R, and more. Here are some examples of what we’ve done.

Interactive ResumeDescriptionTool

Resume Main PageRhonda’s interactive resume with drill-down capability into her skills and experienceTableau

Sectors Line Chart Race"Line Chart Race" of Rhonda's IT career by sector. More resume line chart races available through the Resume Main PageFlourish

COVID-19 StatsDescriptionTool

Daily Covid StatsMulti-page charts tracking Alberta's efforts to flatten the curveTableau

Outdoor Club DataDescriptionTool

Outdoor Club ComparisonMultiple charts comparing attendance across three Canadian outdoor clubsTableau

COC Events 2003 - 2008A simple "Bar Chart Race" showing the number of events, by type, for the selected yearsFlourish

COC Demographics"Survey" Diagram of demographics of COC members who attended 300+ events between 2003 and 2008Flourish

COC Member ProgressionSankey Diagram of the change in COC Member Event Level between 2004 and 2008Flourish

COC Shared EventsChord Diagram showing shared events between COC members who attended 300+ events between 2003 and 2008Flourish

COC Event Type by DifficultyBox Plot showing COC events by type and difficultyFlourish

COC Events Coordinated to AttendedScatter Plot of the relationship between Events Coordinated and Events AttendedFlourish

COC Social NetworkNetwork Diagram showing connections between COC members who attended 150+ events between 2003 and 2008Flourish

The Story of the COCA multi-page story of the Calgary Outdoor Club, pulling the above visualizations togetherFlourish

iTunes LibraryDescriptionTool

iTunes LibraryA 3-Level Radial Hierarchy by Genre. See more variations (viz type and granularity level) on my Flourish PortfolioFlourish

iTunes Library "Demographics"A "Survey" diagram showing categorization of iTunes library. Rating, Love, Genre, # PlaysFlourish

Miscellaneous ProjectsDescriptionTool

Rhonda's Lung HealthComparison of my daily lung health to local pollutantsTableau

Minor Musician Word Cloud(s)Word Clouds at different word frequency - of interest to my favorite author (my mom)Tableau