Wondering how to pronounce the odd company name?

Here's an interesting (probably only to Rhonda and her sister) bit of trivia about where the name came from. When Rhonda started the company in 2001, it was intended to be used only for invoicing for a short-term contract. No one (except the AP Clerk at the client) would ever see it. At the time, Rhonda was living with her sister and three-year-old nephew. Her nephew, Jake, wasn't able to say "Rhonda" - instead he called her "Andwa" (the "And" part being pronounced like the "o" sound in "Rhonda", not like the "a" sound in "and"). Since the company name wasn't going to matter to anyone, Rhonda just called it "Andwa Consulting" in honor of her entertaining nephew. As it would happen, the short-term contract lasted for several years, and, over time, the company acquired more projects and clients... and we've been explaining the company name ever since.